Look at some of the ways we have been using resources to help us add numbers together….



Number bonds

This week in Sort class we have started to learn our number bonds to 10. These are really important, as when we know how to add two numbers to make 10 we can easily find how to make 20 and even 100!

The class have been using cubes, Numicon, counters and numberlines to add two numbers together to make 10. The children decided the most useful thing to use was their fingers as they always have them ready to help! Ask your child to show you a number bond to 10….

Happy Half term!

The first half term of Year 1 is over already!

When we come back after the holidays it will be time for a new topic to begin. Our new topic will be called ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ and will focus on celebrations around the world. If you have any pictures of you and your family celebrating something special it would be wonderful for us to share and display them at school.

Have a wonderful half term!

An interesting letter…

This week Sort class recieved a very exciting and interesting letter. It was from the Three Little Pigs! The Little pigs need the children to send them instructions of how to catch The Big Bad Wolf.

The children have been very engaged thinking of plans involving juicy legs of ham, giant nets, trees, cages, trap doors and buttons! Everyone came up with their own idea and then the class decided together what our instructions should be. Ask your child to tell you what we have decided…


Story writing, Mathmagicians and Materials

This week has been very busy in Sort class!

We have come to the end of our first story writing block and have written our very own stories based upon the story we learnt as a class, The Three Little Pigs. The class were very excited to become authors.

In Maths we have been writing numbers as words and we have been working really hard to add two numbers together. Lots of children have also achieved their first Mathmagicians award which was very exciting!

In Science we have been talking about the names and properties of materials. We collected lots of different materials and sorted them into groups such as bendy, shiny, waterproof and soft. We then stuck it all onto the wall to remind us of our learning.

Next week in Maths we will be counting in tens and in English we will be learning about instructions.

Don’t forget…..Library books need to be in on a Monday so they can be changed. Thank you!



Library Books

Every week your child will bring home a library book that they have chosen to enjoy at home. Please send this book in their book bag each day so they can be changed when needed.



Please make sure that your child’s uniform and PE kit are labelled with their name. As you can appreciate children’s belongings can get mixed up and it’s much easier to return items when they are labelled.


If you have any other questions please feel free to catch me at the end of the day or arrange an appointment.

Thank you for your support in advance.


Miss Stokes

The Big Build

Our first topic in Year 1 is The Big Build. The class have started work on the new topic and have been coming up with some good ideas about what they would like to find out about.

In English our story is The Three Little Pigs. The children are already getting confident at telling the story and next week we will be writing parts of it too. Ask your child to tell you the story at home…you may be very impressed!

In Maths we are practising forming our numbers correctly and have begun adding and taking away using objects.

During Topic time we are learning about different buildings around the world, materials used to make structures and our feelings.

Last week 16 children got their spellings correct during our Friday quiz. Thank you to everyone who practised at home. This week we are hoping to beat our current record!